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Tips to design a better place via workspace relationships

Human beings have an inherent need to connect with people around them. The same rule applies to your workplace, as well.

When employees have a good relationship, they are happier and more productive in general. A Gallup survey found that 49% of the engaged employees believe that a strong positive relationship is crucial to achieving success.

The ability to build a positive workplace relationship is essential to achieve mutual understanding.

When your employees can develop a positive relationship with their peers, there is trust and shared respect. It is essential to create a work environment where everyone feels they want to stay at the organization.

Let us have a look at how we can build positive relationships in an organization.

Elements of a Good and Positive Relationship

Trust- Trust becomes the bedrock foundation for successful employees in bonding with others and building a healthy relationship. When there is trust, transparency follows. Furthermore, performance improves, and communication enhances.

Respect- When there is mutual respect between employees, they value each other’s opinions and ideas. This leads to effective collaboration through which problem-solving becomes easy.

Mindfulness- Mindful Employees are careful with their words and are better listeners. They value others as much as they value themselves, never resort to negative thoughts, and emphasize a positive relationship.

Tips to Build a Positive Relationship

1. Open Communication

Excellent and open communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship between employees. Communication should always be transparent so that there is always a flow of information without interruption. Encouraging employees to have open communication with their peers creates a sense of psychological safety. This not only fosters friendship but also builds trust.

Thus, leaders could open communication channels where everyone can connect and bond well to strengthen the organization.

2. Listening

People have this tendency to act that they are listening and miss out on the message that others have to convey. However, that should be avoided to foster a positive relationship in the workplace.

It is in the best interest of the positive workspace image that everyone should pay attention when someone has to say something and focus on the message they want to convey. Try to see the bigger picture and the meaning behind a conversation and offer some insight after hearing the entire input.

3. Show Appreciation

Encouraging your peers and co-workers by far is the best way to build a healthy relationship. Always show appreciation when a colleague helps you out. Someone has achieved something greater within their stay in the organization.

This will help them boost their morale, but it will also help you bond well with other employees.

4. Value others

Show value to others and the work they do. Learn to accept the way they perform their daily tasks. When you value their work ethics, your relationship with others transcends to a positive level on its own. Not only this works as a morale booster to others, but it also helps you build a good reputation within the organization.

5. Positive Attitude

You need to have an attitude that people like and find approachable. No matter whoever it is in the organization, if they have the right attitude, then it becomes appealing. People are more likely to talk and bond with those who show a positive attitude.

When you showcase positivity, it gets reflected in others as well as promoting a happy workspace.

6. Maintain Boundaries and Never Gossip

Before you bond well with someone in the organization, keep in mind to set certain boundaries. Keep a certain amount of time for bonding, and never let the social connection hamper your work in the long run.

Once you can differentiate them, you will maintain a good relationship with others.

While we are talking about maintaining boundaries, one should also realize that gossiping is never a good idea. Office politics disrupt the working environment and hinders the relationships between co-workers.

If you have a conflict with someone, try to resolve it with open communication by pinpointing the problem. This will resolve the conflict and will help you maintain a healthy relationship.

Summing It Up

Healthy and positive work relationships will make your job less stressful and enjoyable. It will cut out the mundane factor that often plagues an employee in the long run. A company culture that encourages employees to maintain healthy relationships can go a long way towards enhancing employee well-being.

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