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Get agile by reinventing the core of your business

By combining industry best practices with constantly expanding domain expertise, Agile District, a custom software development solution provider, decreases time to market and achieves greater efficiency of delivering value into production. We rely on mature practices backed by our own frameworks to supplement your developme-nt environments and processes, ensuring smooth releases and flawless operations of your infrastructure. We strive to eliminate challenges with predictions by setting up and continuously optimizing the production level. Focus on continuous improvement allows us to provide everything necessary for sustainable maintenance of your prod-uct or solution. We detect and fix potential vulnerabilities through ongoing monitor-ing of your systems and processes, protecting your data from possible breaches. Your data privacy is our highest priority. We take care of it at the informational, process, and physical levels.


What We Do

DevOps Transformation

Select the best approach to DevOps and implement necessary changes

Support Optimization

Review current operations and set up new processes.


Expand cooperation, assure the highest quality and improve operational efficiency


We Worked With Reputed Companies in The World

Solution Operation Highlights

DevOps Best Practices

Get agile and optimize your enterprise IT operations with our high-performing DevOps services. We’ll help your product’s scalability while minimizing costs.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Accelerate delivery by implementing and establishing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform technologies.

Mature Operations Processes

Cut Operational costs and increase the efficiency of IT operations by reducing the duration of development and deployment cycles with our process frameworks.

Why Agile District

Extensive micro-services expertise

Our flexible frameworks get ahead of ever-shifting market demands, enabling us to constantly scale and mature our technological & digital solutions. We are able to deliver next-generation technologies that extensively utilize micro-services that help our client in transforming their dreams into reality, see their business thriving.

Focus on Clients

To get your business on top of the ever-changing market, we relies on best-in-class specialists with cross-functional and industry-wide expertise. Working in loop with our clients, we provide technology consulting services that lay the groundwork for solution or product design, further collaboration, and implementation.

Production support experience

We have mature support processes based on multi-year industry experience in large scale enterprise client’s support that help in delivering the product in real time and help the client in start testing the product and market it in real time. We help to identify and design cloud solution agnostic to cloud platforms that fits client needs at the best.

Embrace innovation with advance technologies

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