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The technological disruption has revolutionized health care industry amid the macro & micro challenges posed to the mankind. This new technological landscape is growing at a geometric rate and promising fantastic medical strides to the healthcare system spanning from molecular biology to robotics. With the innovation of the new health care electronic technologies such as 3D printing, GPS tracking, wearable biometric devices, and others, will play a significantly larger role in our healthcare system within the coming years. Agile District – being the global technology partner of the healthcare sector, has helped various hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, labs & patients in leveraging technological innovation to automate internal processes, potential patient care, optimization of the customer service and effective management of the medical information. Our aim is to bring technological innovation to conventional healthcare system by building fully integrated yet cohesive solutions from laboratories to patients. We are inspired to help our clients in bringing a disruptive telemedicine solution that allow healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients by introducing IoT (Internet of things) and other telecommunication mediums. This allows for real-time monitoring and effective chronic disease management. Here are some Hi-end technological solutions that can help our clients in bringing the much-needed revolution in the health care industry.

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EHR Systems

An all-encompassing system that allows a physician to have a more holistic, long-term view of a patient's health. We can help you develop HIPAA compliant, user-friendly and easy to integrate electronic health record systems

Prescription Management

With the help of technological excellence, we minimize medication errors by creating mobile apps to track the details of a patients' allergy, biometric and prescription data.

Clinical Management

Build apps that streamline clinical processes (appointments, check ins, laboratory), monitor and track patient progress and deliver personalized care.

Medical Insurance

Streamline medical insurance services through our custom build mobile apps that bridge the gap between patients and insurance providers.

Information Exchange

Build apps with us that allow all medical parties; doctors, patients & pharmacists to seamlessly view and share health records.

Patient Portals

You help create apps that give patients full access to their medical records, health and billing related information for effective disease management.


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