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Agile Discovery Workshop

Agile Discovery Workshop

Get agile by reinventing the core of your business

Agile discovery workshop Services is a collaborative session where we help you with Idea Validation, Requirements engineering and Product Visualization. We discuss your project requirements over a couple of calls or It will be meetings and assess what you already have. If we feel that the requirements are enough for us to provide you with a tentative cost/effort estimate – we go down that route. Otherwise, we recommend that you go through our Agile Discovery Workshop to get you development ready. Otherwise, we recommend that you go through our Agile Discovery Workshop to get you development ready. On the basis of this, we draft a statement of work and provide a detailed project & payment plan. Once the product has gone through the User Acceptance Testing stage, we successfully launch it while providing ongoing support & maintenance during the Pilot phase. After that, we can either transition everything to your team or move to a monthly Support & Maintenance contract.


What we do

Reduce Cost

We determine the critical most features that add direct business value and get rid of the fat - helps reduce superficial costs.

Mitigate Risk

We make sure that any high-risk items are identified and dealt with early on.

Stakeholders Involvement

All stakeholders are involved in the process from day one - this enables you to get much higher adaptability post-deployment.

Prevent Scope Creep

Figuring out the exact requirements helps in avoiding delays and extra costs during delivery.

Visualize your Idea

Developing rapid prototypes to help you see how your new project will look and behave.

Functional Specification

Have complete functional spec written out, which ensures that the product gets built to your exact needs.


We Worked With Reputed Companies in The World

Agile Discovery Highlights

Best Practices

Build complex solutions as we steer the engineering process from the outset, following the best practices in your domain and guided by years of software engineering excellence.

Smooth Execution

Make sure you get the best results with Agile district. We will meet your quality goals and deadlines by listening to your feedback and applying a continuous delivery strategy.

Advanced Flow

Save time while we generate value. Our experts continuously optimize and enhance our engineering services to generate better business outcomes.

Why Agile District

Innovation Centric Solutions

We aim to chart out the most promising and emerging technological approaches from the latest trends. We focused on innovation centric solutions at macro scale to help businesses stay up-to-date, capture more value and retain it.

Result-oriented approach

We work closely with our clients to understand and define their business requirements and find the most effective yet efficient solution for their business needs. Hence, clients get a solid product as per their needs.

End-to-end engineering

We orchestrate all phases of software development, from adding details to requirements, to writing and testing the code, to production configuration. Hence, our clients get continuous delivery and high level of quality. .

Embrace innovation with advance technologies

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