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ScoreBreak, a revolutionary creation driven by the vision of its founder, Jordan Hendry. With a passion for lacrosse and a deep understanding of the vital role statistics play in the game, Hendry embarked on a journey to transform the way sports are analyzed, coached, and experienced. ScoreBreak is not just a product; it’s a manifestation of Hendry’s dedication to providing an “insanely great experience” and returning value to those who share his passion.



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Project Overview

From Hendry’s lacrosse beginnings, ScoreBreak was founded in 2015 and has since developed into a ground-breaking platform that seamlessly combines game footage with analytics. The fundamental concept is straightforward but profound: use real-time game statistics to index and synchronize video content, giving teams, coaches, and athletes access to unmatched knowledge and training resources. What began as a lacrosse-focused solution quickly grew to encompass a variety of sports and verticals, revolutionizing the sports technology market.

Key Features

ScoreBreak transforms sports analysis, shaping how teams excel. Leading the industry with top-tier clients and pro league partnerships, join us in the sports tech revolution.

A project that deals with the comparison of the teams- create some energy & understand the moves. By using patented technology, ScoreBreak syncs live stats video that results in instant game film breakdown.


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Why Scorebreak?

Your time is valuable, so stop waiting 24 hours for game film. With ScoreBreak, you’ll have video of every ground ball, every free throw – even every time Petey misses a tackle


Unlike any software you’ve used before, ScoreBreak leverages patented technology that merges in-game statistics with video from multiple camera angles and then allows your entire staff to review


We support championship teams, from high school through the pros, with a product that wins every time it enters the arena.

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